Individual Therapy

Successful psychotherapy has three main components:
  • A commitment to open self-exploration
  • A belief in the possibility of finding resolution to problems and relief from symptoms
  • A trusting relationship with the therapist

Couples’ Therapy

Couples’ therapy restores the trust, safety and intimacy in relationships. The therapist’s role is to activate, mediate and coach in the following three areas:
  • Learning to communicate respectfully (even in conflicts)
  • Developing empathy for the other
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own emotional well-being


It’s easy to feel lost in parenting a child from infancy to adulthood. Parents can immediately improve their relationships with their kids by:
  • Staying connected despite testing and acting-out behaviors.
  • Teaching kids to value developing their own judgment over learning to obey.
  • Developing a positive visualization of who that child is going to be as a successful adult.